Workers’ Compensation


Have you been injured at work?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides injured workers a variety of benefits, including lost wages and missed work, medical expenses, rehabilitation and death benefits. You don’t have to be completely disabled forever to recover: Wage-loss benefits are available if it is determined that you are either totally disabled and unable to work or partially disabled from doing your pre-injury work. If you have lost permanent use of all or part of a limb, have lost your sight or hearing, or if you are disfigured from a work accident, a specific loss award is also available. Additionally, benefits for work-related deaths are paid to dependent survivors under the law.

Nearly every Pennsylvania worker is covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act, and this includes seasonal and part-time workers. Nonprofit corporations, unincorporated businesses and even employers with only one employee must comply with the law’s requirements.

Workers injured on the job have a duty under the law to:

  • Report any injury or work-related illness to the employer or supervisor immediately
  • Notify the employer that the injury happened on the job
  • Give the specifics about when and where the injury occurred

Workers’ compensation cases the Law Offices of Bernard M. Gross, P.C.,  has pursued to a successful conclusion include a six-figure lump sum for a worker whose foot was run over by a customer, resulting in a fracture and a permanent traumatic injury. Other workers’ compensation injuries our lawyers have successfully recovered for include back injuries from job-related auto accidents and falls in the workplace, among many others.   

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