Dram Shop Liability


Have you or your family member been harmed by a drunk driver who left a bar?

“Dram Shop” laws impose legal liability on bars, restaurants and other facilities that serve or sell alcoholic beverages irresponsibly. When alcohol is sold or served to a person who is visibly intoxicated, this can significantly increase the chances that a drunk driving accident will occur.

  • In Pennsylvania, drinking and driving remains a top safety issue, with nearly 10,000 alcohol-related crashes yearly and around 300 alcohol-related fatalities.
  • Alcohol-related deaths constitute about 28% of total traffic fatalities in the state.
  • Around 70% of alcohol-related crashes occur during the hours of darkness, usually on weekends.
  • On average each day, 26 alcohol-related traffic crashes occur in Pennsylvania, with 16 people injured.

Dram shop cases successfully concluded by the attorneys at the Law Offices of Bernard M. Gross, P.C. include recoveries for:

  • A grade-school teacher in his 20s killed by a drunk driver
  • Injuries sustained in an I-95 vehicle roll-over after a driver left a bar
  • A driver leaving a restaurant after being overserved and dying after crashing into a utility pole

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Here at the Law Offices Bernard M. Gross, P.C., in Philadelphia, PA, we are highly experienced and successful in fighting for victims’ rights in dram shop liability cases. Establishments that sell and serve alcohol have responsibilities, and dram shop laws exist to hold them accountable. If you were hurt or if someone you care about sustains injuries or death due to an intoxicated and overserved driver, we are here to help you recover full compensation. Call to schedule your FREE consultation by dialing 215-561-3600 or use our “contact us” box available here to send us a message.  We are here for you and ready to protect your rights.

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