Motorcycle Accidents


Have you or your family member been injured in an motorcycle accident?

We represent motorcyclists who have been involved in collisions. Motorcycle drivers have the same rights on the road as cars do. Frequently, motorcyclists are wrongly faulted for accidents due to the mistaken belief that motorcycle riders are wild risk-takers. However, motorcycle accidents often happen when another driver fails to keep a proper lookout and simply neglects to notice a motorcycle traveling nearby. Factors making motorcycle-auto collisions particularly dangerous include:
  • Motorcycles are far less crashworthy than closed vehicles.
  • Motorcycles are less visible to other drivers and pedestrians and less stable than four-wheel vehicles.
  • Motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to the hazards of weather and road conditions than drivers in closed vehicles.
  • According to recent US statistics, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle miles traveled.
Common injuries after motorcycle accidents include:
  • Head and spinal injuries, including skull fractures, concussions, ruptured discs, paralysis and other severe damage to the brain and nervous system
  • Leg injuries, including damage to knees, ankles and feet, which can be permanently disabling
  • Road rash, causing layers of your skin to peel off, sometimes exposing muscle and causing lifetime scarring
  • Arm and hand damage to the nerves and bones, often debilitating and permanent, from attempting to break a fall after being hit and thrown off a motorcycle
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