Faulty Escalators


Have you or your family member been injured by an faulty escalator?

Escalator accidents happen more often than you think. The injuries that result from a poorly designed, constructed or maintained escalator range from cuts, broken bones and burns to asphyxiation, limb amputation or even brain damage. Property owners, maintenance crews and escalator manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their equipment is safe for regular passenger use.

According to one study, 75% of escalator injuries result from falls, and 20% happen when a passenger is trapped at the bottom or top of an escalator or between a moving stair and escalator sidewall. Half of the approximately 1,000 sidewall-entrapment injuries nationwide involve children under age five.

The Law Offices Bernard M. Gross, P.C., has pursued faulty escalator recoveries, including the case of a five-year-old who fell on an escalator and experienced a torn and disfigured hand when it was caught between the moving stairs and the side of the machine. In this case, a plate should have been present to prevent this type of injury. In such cases, proving faulty escalator maintenance and design is key to pursuing the claim. An experienced law firm can gather the key evidence, including how the standards of design and maintenance were not met, so that the victim can recover their full damages.

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Here at the Law Offices Bernard M. Gross, P.C., in Philadelphia, PA, we have experience pursuing victims’ rights after they have been injured by a negligently maintained, designed or manufactured escalator. These cases can be complex, and we know how to navigate the intricacies of investigating who is responsible for the accident and pursuing your recovery to the full extent the law allows. Call to schedule your FREE consultation by dialing 215-561-3600 or use our “contact us” box available here to send us a message.  We are here for you and ready to protect your rights.

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